Project results

The results of the CLINSH project were presented on 25 November during the closing meeting in Vlaardingen | Rotterdam. Below is an overview of all deliverables from the project. 

If you click on one of the links you can download the files.

- Laymans Report

- Layman's Report (Dutch)

- Policy support document

- Fleet demonstration activities  (deliverable A and B1)

- Onshore Power Supply - data collection  (Deliverable B2.1)

- Onshore Power Supply (Deliverable B2.2)

- NOx emission factors  (Deliverable B3.2)

- Report on Air Quality (Deliverable B4)

- SocioEconomic_study  (Deliverable C1)

- Fleetscenarios  (Deliverable D2.4)

Harbour monitoring (A): Air quality on the Rhine and in the inland ports of Duisburg and Neuss/Düsseldorf (part of action B4)
Harbour monitoring (B)Determination of NOX and particulate matter emissions from inland vessels at berth (part of action B4)
- Max Pruss:Emission measurements on the laboratory vessel "Max Prüss" after retrofitting with a SCRT system (part of action B1)