CLINSH Advisory Board

The main purpose of the advisory board is to review and provide expert advice about products delivered by the project to the Steering Committee and the Board of Directors. The advice provided should give focus to or sometimes challenge the work being done in the project, thus avoiding groupthink and giving direction on big picture issues. The advice is non-binding.

The advisory board does not have authority to decide on any project matters or to bear any legal responsibilities.

Advice is specifically sought on:

- OPS best practice guide
- Report on policy recommendations and tools
- Layman’s version of the report on policy recommendations and tools


The members of the advisory board:

- provide independent and unbiased insights and ideas from a third point-of-view (not involved in the project’s operations)
- encourages and support the exploration of new ideas
- have a relevant network including political contacts at regional, national and/or  EU level.


Members of the Advisory Board

Hester Duursema


Relevant postions
- Advisory Board Member Bureau Scheepvaart Certificering (Inland Shipping Certification), Since July 2018
- Committee member Green Award Foundation, since December 2017
- Advisory Board Member Cirkellab, since July 2017
- Board Member Rotterdam Maritime Board, July 2017 – April 2018
- Director General Koninklijke BLN-Schuttevaer, 2013 – 2018
- Secretary General, European Skippers Organisation (ESO), 2015 - 2018

- PhD in Economics, Organizational leadership
- Master in International Economics

Karin de Schepper




Relevant postions
- Director
Inland Navigation Europe, since 2001
- Partner of Platina , the European Platform for the Implementation of the EU action plan NAIADES, an action plan to promote inland waterway transport across Europe
- Secretary General EFIP (European Federation of Inland Ports), 1998 -2001

- Advances Master Programme Maritime Science
- Advanced Master Programme International and European Law
- Master in Translation

Edwin van Hassel



Relevant positions
- Senior researcher, Faculty of Transport and Regional economics, Antwerp University.
Main research interest and expertise: inland navigation, port hinterland transport, ship design and transport modelling.
- PhD-research:   Thesis  about the design of a new inland navigation concept to re-activate the use of the small inland waterways. In the thesis the technical design of the developed concept is combined with transport economics.

- PhD in applied economics
- Master in Marine Technology

Christiane Schneider



Relevant positions
- Managing Director, AVISO GmbH, since 1999
- Consulting Engineers Heusch / Boesefeldt GmbH, 1995 - 1999
- Institute of Technical Thermodynamics, Faculty of Mechanical Engineering, University of Karlsruhe Working Group on Atmospheric Transport Operations, 1989 – 1995

Main areas of activity: traffic analysis / forecasts, traffic planning, traffic development planning, clean air planning, environmental impact studies, emission and immission modeling, impact analyzes and action planning, GHG emissions and climate protection concepts, vehicle emission modeling (Guideline VDI 3782 Part 7); Quality assurance in the immission calculation, vehicle-related emissions (Guideline VDI 3783 Part 14); emissions of gases, odors and dusts from diffuse sources (Directive 3790 Part 3 and Part 4); Collaboration in European projects EUROTRAC, REKLIP

- Mechanical Engineering and PhD at the University of Karlsruhe