E. Project management

A. Financial management
The overall financial management of the project is organised within the Province Zuid-Holland. The financial administration is being organised in such a way that all requirements of LIFE are being addressed; at the same moment the organisation of the information necessary for LIFE is addressed.

B. Organisation
In the Grant Agreement between the European Union and the coordinating beneficiary legal and administrative provisions are mentioned. In addition to the Grant Agreement a Partnership Agreement are signed. In the Partnership Agreement the role and responsibilities of all beneficiaries will be defined. Also the responsibilities and the means to carry out the tasks foreseen in the Grant Agreement are specified.

Management structure and procedure of CLINSH consists of the Board of directors, the Steering Committee, the project management and the action leaders. Each action has an appointed action leader, that coordinates each action.  In each action there are only a few partners involved. The management structure also provides clarity about internal and external reporting, the frequency of meetings of the Consortium, the partners and the action leaders. Audits are also mentioned in the management structure

C. Time
The planning software ‘Primavera’ will be used to ensure all work is delivered in time or can be reorganised in a working time schedule.

D. Information
Information will be administrated in the system of the province of Zuid-Holland, but will be additionally administrated in hard copy. In the quality system, a full description of all processes, templates and information will be described.

E. Quality
In the first months a quality plan/project manual is produced. The quality system will follow the INK (Instituut voor Nederlandse Kwaliteit) principles, consistent with the European Foundation for Quality Management model.

PZH: action leader