A. Preparatory actions

A1 Procurement
For the procurement of the measurement technology, the demonstration fleet and the onshore power supply (OPS) public tendering is required.

Demonstration fleet recruitment
The CLINSH demonstration action B1 demands a representative, cross-selection of existing European inland vessels. The CLINSH demonstration will involve thirty vessels which will be selected by means of a European tender.There will be two groups:
* 15 vessels in which owners will install an emissions-reducing technology, or which will be converted to run on an alternative fuel. The technologies to be tested are DPF-SCR, Fuel Water Emulsion, hybrid installations, Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) and Gas-to-Liquids (GTL).
* 15 vessels which already have an emissions-reducing technology installed, or run on an alternative fuel.

Vessel owners that meet the quality and ship-clean technology combination will be ‘hired’ to execute the demonstration activity. The vessel owners will receive a service fee.

On board measurement technology
On board measurement technology is needed for measuring the emission of NOx the positioning of the ship, and engine performance information. This will give the reduction potential of the measures that will be tested. The required measuring devices must be bought or rented with an order for the installation and maintenance during the whole measurement period. The order can only be placed after the start of the project. Discontinuous Particulate Matter (PM) measurements wil also be outsourced.

Onshore Power supply equipment
The onshore power supply equipment will be procured by partner Ghent through a public tender, during the demonstration of action B2.

Ø PZH: action leader.

A2 Measurement Protocols
Measurement protocols is prepared in order to guarantee the alignment of measurements because they are carried out by different institutions on different ships in Action B1. In order to guarantee that, the protocol provides in:
* A definition of measurement protocol for on-board measurements
* A definition of measurement protocol for exhaust plume measurements
* A definition of data format.

Ø DCMR: action leader.